The ” American cleaners ” is the dry-cleaning company directly related to providing high quality services in cleaning and care of clothing as well as leather goods for  over 25 years. Our extensive experience, highly trained staff, modern technology and equipment, as well as 3rd generation detergents combined with natural softeners and scents, ensure a high quality result.  The perfectly clean look of your clothes is not a luxury, it is a daily necessity and an obligation for us. Trust your garments to the professional cleaners who have 5th generation dry cleaning machines and professional washing machines.

The dry-cleaning company ” American cleaners” provides high quality services such as:

  • Cleaning clothes
  • Cleaning and lubricating leather
  • Cleaning blankets & quilts
  • Cleaning wedding dresses & corporate clothes
  • Cleaning curtains
  • Cleaning carpets & rugs
  • Mending clothes
  • Spot cleaning on lounges and carpets
  • Washing and drying (LAUNDRY)
  • Textile dyeing
  • Sewing (repair-processing)
  • Pickup and delivery in your area
  • Corporate services

Our dry-cleaning company respects your health and the environment and that is why we use specific ecological cleaning products which are both antibacterial and odourless. Our latest technology machinery is environmentally friendly and certified with ISO 9001: 2000 achieving a significant reduction in water consumption and electricity power.


About Us

«American Cleaners» offer an option of Odourless ecological cleaning, the healthier alternative to traditional dry cleaning.

Your clothes are treated with the utmost care from the moment you hand them over to us, until you receive them. All cleaning services are done in our plant in Halandri by experienced craftsmen in combination with high quality machines.

Using advanced cleaning products we can offer services that are fast, reliable and efficient, reducing the time and cost for our customers.

Employees of «American Cleaners» are dedicated to provide our customers with the highest level of service and we are proud of this, because we provide top quality cleaning at the lowest cost.

We are the new generation of drycleaners where with the selection of cleaning products and processes in our disposal, we achieve to have a reduced environmental impact and to create a working environment that is much healthier for everyone.